A Deranged 5-Question Quickie with Colleen Anderson

DERANGED, a horror/bizarro anthology from 6K Press certain to make your toes curl in unexpected ways, is available for pre-order and drops tomorrow, December 16, 2019.

But what about the authors included in it? Wouldn’t you like to tear their clothes off and expose the sickos responsible for such vile (yet oddly tantalizing) extreme kink stories?

We thought you would, so drop your drawers and grab your ankles with us. It’s about to get sticky.


Colleen Anderson’s 250-plus works have appeared in such venues as nEvermore!, Beauty of Death, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, OnSpec, Amazing and Cemetery Dance. She is a three-time Aurora nominee and has received honorable mentions for poetry and fiction.

DERANGED: “Simple Pleasures” by Colleen Anderson

Editors: If you were a sexual position, which one would you be and why?

Colleen Anderson: The twisted monkey tree tail with bananas. Because it could be interesting trying to figure out what it was and how to do it. 😊

Is the Kama Sutra the ultimate bedroom playbook, or something you would never be interested in perusing?

The Kama Sutra goes into more than the list of acrobatic positions. It might be dated or not, and most likely contentious to someone. Reading it, which I have not done, would not only show attitudes and culture of a time long ago, but perhaps broaden horizons such as when it talks about wooing married women or virgins, and also show how little humans have changed over time.

I bet it would be a great discussion topic.

Okay, so maybe not over dinner . . .

Is this your first time mixing horror and erotica? Do you enjoy blending the two into your stories? Why or why not?

Well, I would have said yes but Tom Johnstone’s review of my 2018 collection shows that I might just have mixed horror and erotica a few times before. From https://tomjohnstone.wordpress.com/  :

In short, this is a spiky, scary, sexy body of work that left me startled, unsettled, amused and even somewhat aroused. Because there are a lot of ‘scenes of a sexual nature’, as they put it on Sky, in Anderson’s work. Not all of them are what you’d call ‘erotic’, as she’s not shy of confronting the darker, more oppressive side of sexuality. Almost every range of human sexual experience is here vividly depicted, from the joyously bawdy, through the fucked up, to the plain wrong and downright abusive.

I often do morality tales and if I can make people think about what choice they would make in an uncomfortable to terrifying situation, well, that’s a good thing. Right?


Most publishers we approached wouldn’t touch the original Deranged open call with Ron Jeremy’s cock, let alone their own, due to wording and desired story content. We said fuck it and rolled with it anyway (and we’re damn glad we did!). What is your stance on censorship in writing?  Do you think any topics are still taboo today?

While there are areas that are taboo, such as rape or abuse of children, these stories can be explored when done deftly. In fact, my story looks at sexual abuse as well. Horror tends to take us to disturbing places where we question desires and morals. Everything can be dissected and opened up for a closer view, but certain topics depicted as titillating or gratuitous can cross a line. As writers, we must be sensitive to the message we’re conveying.

That said, while people have been raising their children in sometimes overly protective ways where everyone wins and everything has a trigger warning—the real world is often terrifying and filled with horrific deeds done by humans. If we censor everything, the shock of discovering a real-life horror would be even more debilitating. It’s one thing to be protected and another thing to be dangerously ignorant.

Tell us in 1-2 sentences what your story in Deranged is about, and why we should read it.

Date rape often seems to be a case of where one person said “no” but the perpetrator heard something else. Communication and perspective views can cause confusion or willful misinterpretation. “Simple Pleasures” shines a light on the difference between sexual gratification and taking that gratification at the expense of others.  

Thanks for saying “yes” to this interview, Colleen!

You can find Colleen swimming around on WordPress, Goodreads, and Facebook.

And you can pre-order Colleen’s story “Simple Pleasures” and more in Deranged by clicking here. Go ahead. Discover a new kink.

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