Edited Works

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What Goes Around (KnightWatch Press, 2016)

What Goes Around  features exceptional stories depicting varying degrees of evil versus evil from such writing masters as Jack Rollins, Stuart Keane, Peter Oliver Wonder, Dawn Cano, Craig Saunders, Sarah Dale, Rich Hawkins, Duncan Ralston, and more!



Man Behind the Mask (Darkerwood Publishing Group, 2016)

Featuring all-female contributors, stories in the Man Behind the Mask anthology harken back to the great ’80s style of horror! Work by Audrey Brice, Jaime Johnessee, Stevie Kopas, Crystal Jeans, Rose Garnett, A. Giacomi, Michelle Garza & Melissa Lason, and many more, with a foreword by ’80s Scream Queen Linnea Quigley!



F*ck the Rules (Leviathan (Great British Horror), 2017)

The Man makes the rules, and those rules exist to keep us in line. But what happens when we break the rules? What happens when we buck against The Man and his machine that we’re slaves to?

F*ck the Rules features rule-bending stories from writing masters such as Guy N. Smith, Richard Chizmar, Adam Millard, Antonio Simon, Jr., Suzanne Fox, and more. Find out what happens when you throw your middle fingers up and defy those who hold you down.


Man Behind the Mask (Darkerwood Publishing Group, 2016)

Most of us have sexual fantasies. They are normally harmless, but what if the status quo wasn’t enough? What if your proclivity for climaxing tipped over the edge and into the extreme?

The guilty sickos who contributed to this erotic horror anthology include Antonio Simon, Jr., Sarah Cannavo, Jonathan Butcher, John Paul Fitch, CL Raven, Annie Knox, Suzanne Fox, and more.



Escapees and Fevered Minds (Ravenswood Publishing, 2017)

Escapees and Fevered Minds  continues the dark, twisted and wildly imaginative adventures of several larger-than-life characters introduced in White Walls and Straightjackets  by the ever impressive David Owain Hughes.



Puckered (HellBound Books Publishing, 2017)

A phenomenal new bizarro horror novella from the grand masters of extreme horror and the most delicious depravity!


Percy is kinky. Percy is perverted. Percy is a loner. Percy is sneaky . . . But most of all, Percy wants to be left alone.

Whether it be a nagging mother or something from his past, it feels like he is always trying to escape something. Will he be able to find his own peace, or will the real world catch up to him?

There will be blood. There will be shit. There will be unusual sexual kinks.

But most of all, there will be murder . . .


Cold Cocked

Cold Cocked (HellBound Books Publishing, 2018)

Another exemplary bizarro novella from the great and incredibly disturbed minds behind Puckered!


Betty is sexy. Betty is scarred. Betty is an outsider. Betty is a genius . . . But most of all, Betty wants recognition.

Whether it be a controlling mother or ghosts from her past, it feels like she is always trying to please someone. Will she be able to find her own peace, or will the real world catch up to her?

There will be blood. There will be jizz. There will be unusual sexual releases.

But most of all, there will be murder . . .