A Deranged 5-Question Quickie with Sidney Williams

DERANGED, a horror/bizarro anthology from 6K Press certain to make your toes curl in unexpected ways, is available for pre-order and drops tomorrow, December 16, 2019.

But what about the authors included in it? Wouldn’t you like to tear their clothes off and expose the sickos responsible for such vile (yet oddly tantalizing) extreme kink stories?

We thought you would, so drop your drawers and grab your ankles with us. It’s about to get sticky.


Sidney Williams has had a bit of free time of late, so he’s been putting some words on paper. He began doing that some time back, actually, and quite a few have accrued.

DERANGED: “Covered in Crimson” by Sidney Williams

Editors: If you were a sexual position, which one would you be and why?

Sidney Williams: I’d be something from the Kama Sutra: complex, hard to get to know but ultimately rewarding.

Is the Kama Sutra the ultimate bedroom playbook, or something you would never be interested in perusing?

Well, given my answer to the previous question and my penchant for deep research and obscure knowledge, I’m gonna go with “ultimate” there. As an added benefit, there are pictures.

Pics are always good!

Is this your first time mixing horror and erotica? Do you enjoy blending the two into your stories? Why or why not?

It’s not, actually. I contributed to the Hot Blood series back in the day, and I had a story in a collection called Demon Sex from Rhinoceros. Their logo emphasized the –EROS part of the word. And, of course, with a rhinoceros, there’s the . . . well, you get the picture. Sex and horror are two things that bring on a lot of anxiety, so ironically they fit together well, like two partners in a really comfortable position. Seriously, horror explores some of the deeper and darker aspects of the human condition, so it’s a window on a lot that’s part of life including sex and desire.

Me so horny!

Most publishers we approached wouldn’t touch the original Deranged open call with Ron Jeremy’s cock, let alone their own, due to wording and desired story content. We said fuck it and rolled with it anyway (and we’re damn glad we did!). What is your stance on censorship in writing?  Do you think any topics are still taboo today?

Wow, actually a serious one. I think it’s a matter of how a topic is approached. There are some things that shouldn’t be handled in a manner that’s exploitative, but I don’t like to see anything corralled off as something no one can write about.

Image result for preach!

Tell us in 1-2 sentences what your story in Deranged is about, and why we should read it.

I was having dinner with friends and someone asked: “What’s your new story about?” When I said, “Blood obsession and knife play,” they suggested we change the subject. Read it to find out where blood obsession and knife play lead when the stars align just right.

Thanks for playing, Sidney! Next time we’ll sharpen the knives a bit more—sorry for the dull cutlery.

You can find Sidney lurking on his website.

And you can pre-order Sidney’s story “Covered in Crimson” and more in Deranged by clicking here. Go ahead. Discover a new kink.

      Catch a whiff 
      on December 16.


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