A DERANGED 5-Question Quickie with Jonathan Butcher

DERANGED, a horror/bizarro anthology from 6K Press certain to make your toes curl in unexpected ways, is available for pre-order and drops on December 16, 2019.

But what about the authors included in it? Wouldn’t you like to tear their clothes off and expose the sickos responsible for such vile (yet oddly tantalizing) extreme kink stories?

We thought you would, so drop your drawers and grab your ankles with us. It’s about to get sticky.

DERANGED 5-Question Quickie Interview: Jonathan Butcher

Author of The Children at the Bottom of the Gardden and What Good Girls Do, Jonathan Butcher lives in Birmingham and writes bizarre, disgusting, and disquieting fiction. He hopes to finish the first draft of his upcoming political horror, Beast of the Earth, by early 2020, and it has been a slog.

DERANGED: “Filthy Secrets” by Jonathan Butcher

Editors: If you were a sexual position, which one would you be and why?

Jonathan Butcher: That one where you’re on the brink of feeling grossed out but you’ve never been so turned on in your life.

You know the one I mean.

Yeah, that one.

Is the Kama Sutra the ultimate bedroom playbook, or something you would never be interested in perusing?

I used to have a shortened, pocket Kama Sutra. It served as an excellent Beginners’ Guide.

Ooh la la!

Is this your first time mixing horror and erotica? Do you enjoy blending the two into your stories? Why or why not?

I don’t think I’ve ever written an “erotic” scene in my life, but a lot of my work involves sexual themes. Sex is one of the greatest experiences in life, so in my fiction I often combine it with my love of the weird and disturbing. The word erotic suggests writing designed to stimulate the reader, when I’d much prefer them to be unsettled or disgusted by my words.

My man!

Most publishers we approached wouldn’t touch the original Deranged open call with Ron Jeremy’s cock, let alone their own, due to wording and desired story content. We said fuck it and rolled with it anyway (and we’re damn glad we did!). What is your stance on censorship in writing?  Do you think any topics are still taboo today?

I’m anti-censorship when it comes to writing of any kind, but while I wouldn’t choose to ban anyone’s writing, I certainly consider some extreme horror fiction to be irresponsible. If a story has nothing interesting, new, or unique to say and yet it eroticizes sexual abuse, assault, rape, etc., then I will have little interest in reading it. However, that’s just my personal taste, and there should be no limits placed on the written word.

Fuck y**h!

Tell us in 1-2 sentences what your story in Deranged is about, and why we should read it.

Following a chance encounter with a used condom, Helena discovers that she has a fetish for secret depravity—and, no pun intended, it’s snowballing. This is one of the most revolting stories I’ve ever concocted and could be filed under “quiet extreme horror.”

Ew! It’s still warm!

Thanks for swingin’, Jonathan! Er, swingin’ by, of course.

You can pre-order Jonathan’s story “Filthy Secrets” and more in Deranged by clicking here. Go ahead. Discover a new kink.

      Catch a whiff 
      on December 16.


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