2016: An Unpopular Opinion and What Lies Ahead

There’s currently this eye-roll-worthy fad hitting Facebook where you post unpopular opinions. Well, here’s mine: 2016 fucking rocked.

Yeah, I said it!

Of course, it wasn’t without its road-bumps. On a nationwide/global scale, there were terrorist attacks here and abroad, corrupt politicians were exposed, a country was torn by Brexit, racial tensions and police brutality and riots/protests escalated, public figures died left and right (which caused massive amounts of strangers to weep for them, which I’ll never understand), and a Russian-loving, lying orangutan was elected to run our fine country come 2017.


King Louie (left) strikes an uncanny resemblance to President-Elect Donald Trump (right).


On a personal level, though, I accomplished many things and enjoyed successes in my writing/editing career, making this year one of the most memorable for me.

Does 2017 appear as bright and prosperous?

2016 At a Glance

 2016 exploded onto the scene in a whirlwind of creative, orgasmic juices. It was enough to make any dick hard, even ones which haven’t functioned since the turn of the millennium.


“What do you mean, I’m ‘not relevant anymore’? I’m the fucking Hedgehog, man!”


That raging boner turned softer as the months passed, unfortunately, leaving me a flaccid, pale, vein-covered prick.

All that aside, this will go down as the year my writing/editing career took off, and it’s been lucrative and rewarding. Here are the milestones:

 2016 Milestones

-First two books of The Human-Undead War Trilogy published, complete with jaw-dropping cover art from the indomitable Dean Samed

-4 short stories published, with a fifth waiting in the wings

-0 rejections on short stories

-First invite-only anthology publication

-Two co-edited anthologies published

-First written cover blurb appeared on a published novel

-First foreword and afterword written

-Successful and fun book release parties and author takeovers

-Created an author page, gained fans, and mingled in the exciting horror writing world, thus earning (hopefully lifelong) friends and readers in the long run

-Received five-star reviews

-Received several nominations in the Summer Indie Book Awards

-Received accolades from judges on a bestselling anthology story contribution


Sit Back for Setbacks

 Even with all this apparent success in kick-starting my preferred career path, there have been some setbacks. Major or minor, they will impact my writing and editing projects for several more years. (And no, they aren’t as minor as finding out nude celeb pics were leaked and I was too late to the game to snag uncensored versions online.)

First, my wife decided to go back to college. I’m behind that 100%. However, that places a large portion of parental/household duties on my head. Coupled with insane work hours the last few months of the year (6 days a week, up to 13-plus hour shifts), this created a massive decline in my available writing/editing/reading time. Because of all this, Book 3 is behind schedule by about 8 months and counting.

Now add in failing health and a minor surgery (that, though covered 80% by insurance, set me back in the debt hole I’d crawled out of and cost me a trip to see family this winter); crippling bouts of depression wrought by unsupportive family and friends, self-doubts, and this insane indie world; growing debts associated with trying to get reviews and build a fan base; and many other things I don’t feel like whining about right this moment, and you get a recipe for setbacks.

What’s in Store for 2017?

All that said, did you really think you could get rid of me that easily? Well, you can’t, jackwagon. I’m clingy.

Hopefully in February of this year, I’ll be performing my first live reading at a local comic shop. My hometown hasn’t been open to me; a neighboring city has, and I aim to pay them back in kind. In addition, I’ll be attending my first convention in March, on my birthday. I’m stoked about that event, and even with the absence of multiple exclamation points,


As the year winds on, I’ll be co-editing another secret anthology with the talented, witty, and sick-minded David Owain Hughes. I’ll also be submitting works to a project with him and two other kickass authors. Book 3 of The Human-Undead War Trilogy, A Kingdom’s Fall, will see the light of day sometime hopefully before the dead of summer. I’ve been invited to VS: Extreme, the follow-up to this year’s highly successful VS: US vs UK Horror anthology. And I plan to crank out as many more short stories (possibly even poetry!) as I can, particularly later in the year.

If all that keeps my plate open long enough, I might even try to bring about my semi-annual Halloween Spooktacular event.

Unfortunately, all this means longer works will have to take a back seat, along with vacations or fun this year.

Being a good parent, clawing my way out of debt, and regaining my health will become top priorities. I’m not abstaining from novels or novellas—I’ll likely work on them in the background. But, aside from A Kingdom’s Fall, don’t expect any long work from me in 2017.


Can we cheer now?


Yes, you can cheer now.




Random Wrap-Up

2017 likely won’t be the year I win a novel award, but I’ll be busy with life and writing enough to remain relevant (I hope). And yes, due to some negative situations which arose in 2016, I’ve become a recluse. However, you sure as fuck ain’t seen the last of me. I may deflate without my writing Viagra, but I’ll pop up again for a game of Just the Tip when you least expect it.

Stay tuned. There’s more randomosity coming soon.