New Ebooks, Preorders, and . . . Stephen King?

May 2019 is shaping up to be fan-fucking-tastic.

First, I discovered moments ago that Suspense Unimagined is now available in ebook format. This excellent anthology from Left Hand Publishers contains my story “Horrorcoaster” along with a wealth of other suspenseful shorts. Snatch up an ebook copy by clicking on the cover image below!

In about a week, another short story of mine titled “Saturday Morning Cartoons” will be unleashed in Nothing’s Sacred Vol. 5. I’m stoked to get my hands on this magazine, as each of the 8 feature stories gets its own custom interior cover page.

Exhibit A:

I mean, how fucking badass is this?

Scope out the front cover below, sample the feature stories before the mag releases by clicking here, and stay tuned to my Facebook page for more info.

Macabre af!

And on the final day of May 2019, another previously unpublished short of mine, “The Cavalier Cavalier”, will drop in It Came from the Garage!, a star-studded automotive horror anthology from the kick-ass folks at Darkwater Syndicate, Inc. Check out the cover image below and click on it to preorder your copy now!

Yeah . . . I’ll be in an anthology with Stephen King, Guy N. Smith, and many other talented writers who could probably write me under the table without using any known words.

Mind. Fucking. Blown.

I’ll ride the high as long as I can, because I really don’t wanna end up like this poor bastard:

Bah, who the fuck am I kidding? I might as well buy the van now.

Stay tuned for more randomosity, coming not so soon.