Contest: Flash Me (Your WGA Receipt)! (Ends 05/31/16)

It’s time for another contest because this badass anthology is now available for pre-order on Kindle!


Click on the pic to pre-order – only $2.99!

What Goes Around features some of the hottest voices in horror today. Some stories will make you laugh. Many will make you cringe. Some will even have you questioning the author’s sanity. And damn near all of them will have you rooting for the bad guy.


Because what goes around…

Scope out the wicked Table of Contents:
Foreword – Ty Schwamberger
Conquistador – Jack Rollins
Tiddlers – Rhys Milsom
Route 66 – Dawn Cano
Rose Above – Stuart Keane
Taming the Tongue – Chad Lutzke
A Hitman’s Death – Peter Oliver Wonder
Where the Monsters Live – Duncan Ralston
The Killing Floor – Alice J. Black
Revenge Exactly – Tamara Fey Turner
Under Cursed Moonlight – Jonathan Moon
Something Old, Something New, Something Cursed, Something Blue – Sarah Dale
Queen B – Rose Garnett
Those Borrowed Faces – Craig Saunders
Knackered – Skip Novak
Wretched Annie – Rich Hawkins

As co-editor for WGA, I can assure you it’s not one to miss – especially if you enjoy perversity, violence, gore, and all-around deranged characters.

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THE CONTEST: Flash Me (Your WGA Receipt)

Human Undead War Full Wrap
For your chance to win a signed paperback copy of my first novel, The Human-Undead War: Dark Intentions, first pre-order What Goes Around, then *click here* and post a picture of your WGA pre-order receipt in the corresponding Facebook post comments.

We’ll keep this going until 11:59 PM CST on Tuesday, 05/31/16. I’ll select a random winner using the Dark Randomosity Randomizer (ahem, role-playing die).

Random Wrap-Up

That’s it. Slam a few bucks down, show some support for an unforgettable horror anthology, and then sit back and wait for release day to read it.


You mean I have to wait two and a half weeks to get it?!?


(Don’t worry. It’s totally worth it.)

And stay tuned. More randomosity is coming soon.


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