Halloween Spooktacular 2015: Resurrection Schedule

Halloween Spooktacular 2015: Resurrection

Event List

Drink, get lubed up and crash a cosplay orgy, give elementary school children their first heart attack: There’s always so much to do on Halloween. And since you might be busy, here’s a quick list of upcoming Resurrection events so you can squeeze them into your hectic schedule.


Monday, October 26th: Rancid Resurrection

What’s that fucking smell? Oh. It’s just Monday. Or maybe it’s that skunky scent that wafted in with the special hip-hop guest, David Schliemann?

-Interview and EXCLUSIVE first reveal of one of David’s newest tracks, “The Howling”

Tuesday, October 27th: Tropes and Legends

Letters from horror legends which poke holes in classic horror tropes, and an interview with author and publisher Gerald Rice.

-Reprint of a blog post exploring how we can return the Undead to glory

Wednesday, October 28th: Horrific Hump Day

Ever found yourself watching porn and whackin’ the noodle when a man’s hairy bunghole shows up onscreen mid-stroke? Well, you can avoid such unsightly nuisances by reading and using your imagination instead. And an interview with author David Owain Hughes is sure to bring you to a swift climax. (You may also want that spare turkey baster, if you still have it.)

NEW horror erotica short story titled “Layer”

Thursday, October 29th: Bloodthirsty Thursday

Nothing gets you in the mood for drinking more than bloodshed and gore galore, right?

Or maybe an interview with author Jonathan Moon will suffice.

NEW video poem rife with dark imagery and my annoying voice

Friday, October 30th: Creepy Contests & Cohorts

Right after you read his winning entry in entirety, you’ll get to meet this year’s Spooky Short Story Contest winner, Peter Oliver Wonder, whose first published work appears in an anthology releasing on Halloween. Just like a Siamese twin prostitute, it’s double the fun!

-2nd and 3rd place Spooky Short Story summaries/reviews and author bios
-Virtual Pumpkin Carving Contest winner announcement

Saturday, October 31st: Frightful Finale: Resurrection

An interview with one sick and demented dude, Shawn Milazzo. A new story from Yours Truly, aptly titled “Horrorcoaster”. And a TRIPLE finale, where I confirm suspicions of a resurrection, unveil a masterpiece, and drop one final contest on your fright-seeking asses.

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