Week of Awesomeness Part IV : New Publishing Contract Announcement!

A lot of cool things happened this past week, and I’m sure you’re fucking tired of hearing that. This is the last post for a week or so, I promise.

In the first post of this four-parter, I shared my experience with a quick surgical procedure which resulted in the removal of an evil nuisance. In Part Two, I gave you pictures and details regarding my recent vacation to Iowa. Part Three revealed a new ride.

This fourth part of awesomeness is an announcement regarding publication and all that it may entail.

Been Searching

As most of you may recall, I had signed a publishing contract in December 2013. In March 2015, the publisher underwent brand restructuring, and I and many others were let go.

I immediately sent an exclusive submission to another prominent publisher. Three weeks later, no response (which was the same as a rejection, according to their guidelines). Though I maintained a positive social outlook, I wallowed in sorrow and self-defeat for about a month after that. I hammered the first book with edit after edit, trying to figure out why it had sucked so bad to be cut by a prominent publisher.

Then I swallowed down the fear and sent it back out into the publishing world. I emailed simultaneous submissions to two more publishers, both of whom were fairly new to the business but seemed to be gaining some traction and notoriety.

One responded in due time and offered publication.

(NOTE: The other did not respond, but I sent a courtesy email retracting my submission. That publisher then replied, requesting I send them a note when my books are published AND that I contact them for an alcohol-induced night out the next time I’m in Colorado Springs. Which is pretty fucking cool.)

The Contract

Last week, the ink dried on a brand new contract, and I am pleased to announce that the War is ON!

Even better?

The Human-Undead War trilogy will be coming to you in not only an electronic version, but in print as well.

More News

This particular publisher—Burning Willow Press—was created and founded by some authors who were once also under contract with my former publisher. They, too, know what it feels like to be burned. The BWP staff seems to be a talented team of humble individuals who really give a shit about the author. Their contracts even offer certain freedoms other bigger publishers would never dream of granting to an author. And their growing stable has some of the hottest new names in the publishing world, some of which were also once affiliated (or still are) with my former publisher.

I am pleased and excited to be a part of the BWP roster, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Still More!

One of the freedoms BWP offers is an author’s right to commission their own cover artwork. They have their own competent and talented digital team, but I had to seize the opportunity to pursue something I’ve wanted since I first signed any publishing contract.

Therefore, I am in the process of commissioning artwork from one of the most talented artists in the book cover biz, and I cannot wait to show you all his wicked work…

…In Due Time

There are no publication dates yet, and I am in the beginning phase of commissioning artwork. Thus, I have no other information at this time.

There will be contests, of course. Cover reveals. A release party (well, three, to be exact). Possible setbacks.

Just know this: The War is coming.

I hope you stick around to see which side wins.

Random Wrap-Up

I often preach about not giving up on your dreams. This post should illuminate why I’m such a sucker for never letting go.

It’s been an exciting, fun-filled week and I am looking at the horizon. Thus far, I see no end to the vast potential the future holds.

Stick around for the ride! Or else...

Stick around for the ride! Or else…

Stay tuned. There’s more randomosity coming soon.


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