Week of Awesomeness Part III : New Ride

A lot of cool things happened this past week, and I’m putting it all out there.


Well, most of it, anyway.

In the first post of this four-parter, I shared my experience with a quick surgical procedure which resulted in the removal of an evil nuisance. In Part Two, I gave you pictures and details regarding my recent vacation to Iowa.

This third part of awesomeness involves a new ride.

About Time!

For over a year now, my wife and I have been tossing around the idea of getting a new car. With my miniature midlife crisis and change of jobs/pay, the idea had been put on the back burner.

Don’t get it twisted: My 2003 Cavalier has served me well. However, it’s no longer the cheaply tricked-out vehicle it once was. It doesn’t leave town anymore, as I don’t trust it on the Interstate. It sounds like the axles and tires will snap off with every one-degree turn of the steering wheel. The passenger-side front turn signal only works when it wants to.

It is an eyesore.



It is in disarray.



We had good times, me and Cavvie (my affectionate nickname for her). But this is all I can think about when I see her nowadays:


Opportunity Knocked, So We Answered

During a random conversation with my father in Iowa, my wife and I discovered he had a vehicle for sale. He’d had no luck selling it at a more-than-reasonable price and had thus kept in a garage, offering it to his fiancé’s daughter at an even more reasonable price in the future if she wanted it.

Well, I liked everything about it. And though we aren’t quite where we’d like to be financially, we figured we could swing it and jump onto the car payment bandwagon once again.

Opportunity knocked. We made sure the prospective future owner had no qualms against us making an offer and threw it out there. A counter-offer was made, one we simply couldn’t refuse.

So I brought this back with me to replace Cavvie:

2011 Chevy Impala






Random Wrap-Up

This situation seemed to arise at the perfect time. We lived in the moment and made an impromptu decision, and I’m glad we trusted our instincts. I’m thrilled to have a great, slick-looking car with some amazing custom extras.

Sure, the Cavalier survived 10 long years of abuse.

But I promise to be much nicer to Pala.

Wait—There’s still more awesome news to share. You won’t want to miss the final installment of the Week of Awesomeness (coming at you later this evening).

Stay tuned!


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