Spooktacular Classic: Razor Apples and Candy Corn

Spooktacular Classics are dried-up chunks of word vomit which I like to regurgitate every time a Halloween Spooktacular event rolls onto the Interwebs scene.

You’ve been warned.

Razor Apples and Candy Corn

 razor apple1

Candy corn, candy corn,
Razor apples and candy corn.
Blood red, orange, yellow, brown:
They’ll turn your frown upside down.
Candy corn, eat them up.
Maybe razor apples will shut you up?
Sweet, crunchy, metal, shine;
All the tales you tell are mine.
Open your mouth real wide,
Let the metal razor glide.
Cut the gums, rot the teeth;
Slice your tongue, make you seethe.
Swallow blood, shut your mouth.
Nobody cares what you’re about.
Scream, bleed, froth, cry;
Your mouth will bleed from all the lies.
Razor apples and candy corn.
 Candy corn, candy corn,
Razor apples and candy corn.