Mechanophile Monday (A Deranged Definition)

Since Facebook won’t let me post such material on their site, I figured I’d skirt around their weak snowflake sensibilities to bring you Mechanophile Monday!

Mechanophilia (or mechaphilia) is a paraphilia involving a sexual attraction to machines such as bicycles, motor vehicles, helicopters, ships, and airplanes.


No muff is too tough for this cross-dressing truck lover!


“Shoulda seen the rear on this one!”


“You sure got a purty grill, girl.”

This is the type of sick shit we want you to explore in your writing, you deranged freak. If you’re a writer, check out this post for the open call guidelines for a new twisted anthology celebrating taboos, and join our Facebook group page too.

May your Monday be full of oiled-up rears!