Excerpt from “Horrorcoaster” (Suspense Unimagined, Left Hand Publishers)

A new short story of mine, titled “Horrorcoaster”, just released in Suspense Unimagined, a new anthology from Left Hand Publishers. I figured I’d reveal the wicked cover and give you a taste of what to expect. Enjoy!


Click the cover image to purchase your copy today!




“Horrorcoaster” Synopsis:

Michayla and her younger brother embark on a ride that quickly blurs the line between perception and reality. What’s real? What’s fake? Are the true terrors of the world around us or imagined?


“Horrorcoaster” Excerpt:

They sat there, silent, waiting for the ride to begin. Nicky clutched his stuffed animal to his chest, glaring at the bald guy.

Michayla nudged him with her elbow. “It isn’t nice to stare, scaredy-cat.”

“He’s the one,” he whispered back.

“What’s that, little man?” the bald guy asked, an eyebrow raised.

“Y-you’re the one. Who made—who made me waste all my money.”

The bald man scrunched up his face. Then he laughed and nodded. “Yeah, that probably was me. I remember giving away that little guy earlier. But you’ll have to excuse me. In this business, I don’t remember many faces.”

“It was rigged,” Nicky said, a smidgeon of bravado present in his voice. “Those hoops are oval-shaped.”

“Hey, you paid to play the game, son.”

“I’m not your son.”

The bald carnie glanced at Michayla. “What’s his problem?”

She smiled, though she knew firsthand how sore a subject their too-rich-and-busy-to-care father was. “Puberty.”

Nicky’s face reddened.

“I tell ya what, little man,” the bald guy said. “If you make it through this ride in one piece, I’ll pay you back every dollar you spent. And I’ll let you keep that little beaver thingie.” He stuck out a hand. “Deal?”

“I’m not supposed to shake hands with strangers,” Nicky mumbled. “Mom says you could be a perv.”

“Hey!” Michayla exclaimed, nudging Nicky with her elbow again.

“He’s got a good point. The real horrors of the world ain’t carnival rides.”

* * *

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