Human-Undead War Ebook Sale! 09/25 – 09/29

humanundeadjonthreebooksStarting today, September 25, and for a limited time, get the entire Human-Undead War Trilogy for under $7 on your Kindle app! (Also available in the UK.)

*$0.99 now through 09/29/17*
Dark Intentions (Book 1):
Patriarch (Book 2):

*Pre-order, $4.99 (releases 09/30/17)*
A Kingdom’s Fall (Book 3):

Tired of the same old vampire story?

In The Human-Undead War world, toss out your crosses, holy water, and fire. Don’t bother bolting your door, or lining entrances to your home with garlic or salt – vampires don’t need an invitation, and none of that will deter them. They don’t sparkle. They don’t sleep in coffins. And they are no longer in hiding.

No, they’ve come out of the woodwork, started a full-fledged war with humans, and plan to claim this planet as their own.

Humans band together for a final stand, but will it be enough? Or will the human kingdom fall?

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