Fuck the Rules TODAY!


You don’t have to wait until September to rebel. F*ck the Rules is out NOW!


The Man may mean different things to different people: society, the government, a parent, a boss, a significant other, a shady organization that only controls a subset of a group or society, men in general, women in general. The Man makes the rules, and those rules exist to keep us in line. To make society run smooth and stop us from regressing back to the wild animals that lurk within us. But what happens when we break the rules? What happens when we buck against The Man and his machine that we’re slaves to?

F*ck the Rules features rule-bending stories from writing masters such as Guy N. Smith, Richard Chizmar, Adam Millard, Antonio Simon, Jr., Suzanne Fox, and more. Find out what happens when you throw your middle fingers up and defy those who hold you down.

Click the image to buy your copy today!


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