Halloween Spooktacular 2015 Finale Teaser Part III: Proposed Cover Reveal

When I discovered I could choose a cover artist for my books, I didn’t hold back. Nothing against my publisher’s in-house designer, I’ve just happened to be a fan of a particular artist’s work for a couple years now and couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

I sought this artist out and he jumped on board, even though I didn’t have a release date or any pertinent information at the time. The whole process was pretty cool, and the artist remained level-headed even when I miscommunicated the setting.

Even with my raunchy brain farts stinking up the air, Dean Samed, the horror specialist, came through in epic proportions.

Now, I’ve dropped a few teasers over the past few months, such as:




So I wanted to be nice and give you another unsatisfying teaser right now:

FB Cover5

And get ready for the full proposed front cover reveal tomorrow night at 9:15 PM CST!

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