Halloween Spooktacular 2015 Finale Teaser Part II: Ebook Giveaway

Okay, that’s a lie. This is actually the official Frightful Finale Part II Giveaway!

Quick blurb for The Human-Undead War: Dark Intentions:

“In 2048, seven years after humanity was thrust into battle for supremacy against vampires, the Human-Undead War rages on.  Brian Koltz, the lead scientist and negotiator for the Undead Relations Committee, holds the solution to peaceful cohabitation.  But to attain his goal, he must expose the Undead Patriarch’s secrets and undo a sinister plot before the world is plunged into darkness forever.”

To win a $20 Amazon gift card AND an unedited .mobi (Kindle) Advanced Reader Copy of my first book, The Human-Undead War: Dark Intentions, just admit your love for vampires in the comments here on the official Halloween Spooktacular Facebook page.

That’s it. Just click and admit it.

Ends at 8 PM CST tomorrow night (10/31/15), and a random winner will be announced at 9:00 PM CST!

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