Spooktacular Classic Two-fer Tuesday: Got Your Own Tongue & Jack of All Lanterns

Spooktacular Classics are dried-up chunks of word vomit which I like to regurgitate every time a Halloween Spooktacular event rolls onto the Interwebs scene. And today, you get two of them in one post.

You’ve been warned.

Got Your Own Tongue

You spit and hiss venomous lies, half-truths
Which you believe are a part of reality.
But when you’re backed into the corner,
You’re nothing but a scared, soaking wet kitty.
I see your tail is tucked, no longer puffy;
Are you unable now to strike with your claws?
Now that I see what you truly are, I wonder,
What is it that makes your pink tongue pause?
What, now that you’re backed into a corner,
With your horrid shackles raised,
Suddenly all the bullshit you spewed
Gets lost inside your mind’s thoughtless haze?
Yeah.  You got nothin’ to say right now.
Your luminous eyes betray your fear.
What, got your own tongue, cat?
Well now, isn’t that fuckin’ weird.



one-tooth jack o lantern
Jack of All Lanterns

Jack of all lanterns;
Jack of all trades.
Such a false, glowing smile
Speaks of voluminous charades.
Eyes lit up,
One-toothed grin wide.
Entrance us with your light,
Leave us stupefied.
ck of all lanterns;
Jack of all trades.
Jack up our perception
ntil our vision fades.

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