Halloween Spooktacular 2015: A Sadist’s Bedtime Story

Main Event_Wednesday

A Sadist’s Bedtime Story

Lancing boils
Yellow pus, blood
Putrid scents arise
Oh, what a buzz

Cauterizing wounds
Burnt hair and flesh
Sizzle and simmer
I want more, oh yes

Festering open sores
Weep diseases galore
Drip and dribble
Give me more, more, MORE

Devouring cancer
Decimates and destroys
Rot from the inside
Break out the toys

Piercing white bones
Break through frail skin
Mangled flesh glistens
It’s building within

Setting the bone
Sharp and precise
Snap and laugh
One finger will suffice

Forgoing anesthesia
Sew flaps of skin shut
Screams of agony
I’m about to nut

Rippling euphoria
Across the body sweeps
Nightmarish images
I can finally sleep