I’m not keen on begging for anything these days (hence the reason I rarely promote my books), but this particular call for votes is near and dear to my dead, blackened heart.

I recently signed up to become the next Face of Horror. The grand prize includes a photoshoot with Kane Hodder (the current face behind the Jason mask) in Rue Morgue Magazine, a two-night stay in Buffalo Bill’s house, a walk-on role in an indie film, and $13,000 in cash.

Though all of these by themselves would make my ecstatic, the cash is what drives me to ask for votes today.

When I launched my own independent press label (Plumfukt Press) in 2020, I had dreams of grandeur, as all doe-eyed publishers do. However, due to changes in employment, property upkeep, and other financial downfalls, I have not been able to stick personal finances into the business like I had originally planned. Thus, I have only been able to release one new collection from another author, with a re-release scheduled later this year. After that, the funds are virtually dry, and self-published titles may be the only Plumfukt products for the foreseeable future.

I refuse to open calls where only royalties or “exposure” are payments. Writers deserve to be paid for their time and hard work, period. Anything less is unacceptable at Plumfukt Press. I’m not up for begging on Kickstarter or any such site either. That Face of Horror cash grand prize would help sign more authors with my press and launch a few badass anthologies to boot. I’m committed to plowing at least $10,000 of the prize into Plumfukt Press if I win (depending on taxes, etc.), which would cover costs, promotions, and ensure authors get more than kudos in return.

If you’re along for the journey, please consider voting below. No purchase necessary; you may simply choose the Free Vote button. Any donation votes are also appreciated, but I would never ask you to spend money on something where popular vote matters.


Thanks for your time, and if you’re down with supporting an indie horror press, rock the fuck on.