2015 Spooky Short Story Contest 3rd Place Winner: “Death of the Deadly” by Asher Haven

This year, there were a few great subs for the 2015 Spooky Short Story Contest. Here’s a quick summary and review of the 3rd place winner’s work, “Death of the Deadly.” Be sure to check out Asher Haven’s websites below. You can also check out this story in entirety!

“Death of the Deadly” by Asher Haven

This story follows a creature simply known as “IT”. IT rises from Hell to claim rights to an innocent boy named Billy, who’d been foretold as being the harbinger of Earth’s doom. Billy is subverted and molded by IT, morphing into something less human and more nightmarish. As Billy is transformed and the prophecy becomes fulfilled, we catch a glimpse into the evils unleashed upon the world through various cameo characters’ eyes.

This was written in an experimental structure, as it had chapters woven into a short story. I could envision this becoming a novel-length piece of work. The prose was written in a melodic, poetic voice, and there was also a short poem included within it. Imagery was abundant and vivid. Definitely the work of a lyricist, and definitely an author to watch out for.

Asher Haven

Asher Haven is a multi-faceted artist (author, poet, playwright, and apprentice sculptor) who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is always pushing himself to further experience life in all its creative forces and outlets. Asher has traveled the world, growing up in many different countries. Diversely cultured, he uses this as a wonderful way to see positive perspectives of others as well as to appreciate the darkness that dwells within each of us.

To learn more about Asher and his work, visit:

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