Kindle Countdown Deals and FREE Ebook Coming October 28 through November 1!

Due to unforeseen events, The Human-Undead War I: Dark Intentions will not be available on audiobook by Halloween. However, the chosen narrator and I are marching onward, and it will be ready when it’s ready.

Since Halloween is the only fucking holiday that matters, I’ll be offering the entire Human-Undead War Trilogy for 99 cents each starting Wednesday October 28 through November 1.

In addition, Bits ‘n’ Pieces, my collection of horror shorts, drabbles, and dark poetry, will be 100% FREE on Kindle during that timeframe.

I’ll post when it all goes live. Snatch ’em up when the time comes, horror and dark fantasy aficionados. Daddy needs fuel for his dark, dark soul.


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