Spooktacular Classic: Re-Vamped

Spooktacular Classics are dried-up chunks of word vomit which I like to regurgitate every time a Halloween Spooktacular event rolls onto the Interwebs scene.

You’ve been warned.


Kindness has ultimately betrayed me.
Evil has caressed my soul,
Improving my structure,
My physiology,
For blood,
For the chase,
Without feeling a thing,
No remorse, no pity within.

Nothing can tear me down.
Not bitter, sweet smiles.
Not wretched empathy,
Gratitude, or
Burrows unseen,
Taking up residency,
Clogging my black heart,
Encasing it in impenetrable stone.

Neither forever nor for eternity,
Neither dead nor alive.
Bloodsucking fiend reborn,
Turned again,
My companion.
You, my treat.
Come, come to me.
I shall enjoy every piece.

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